Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

The best thing about using sweet potatoes is that there’s natural sweetness in this root vegetable and we can air-fry or bake them, so we do not need to feel guilty about munching on this side dish unless you want to jazz them up with some cheese! Sweet Potato Fries Recipe Here’s what you’ll need: … Continue reading

Mee Rebus

Four to six decades ago, mee rebus was peddled by Malay hawkers who carried two baskets over a pole. One basket contained a stove and a pot of boiling water, and the other the ingredients for the spicy noodle dish. As Singapore develops and street vendors were relocated to food centres, street food became a … Continue reading

Onde Onde

Pandan Flavoured Onde Onde Recipe: 500g Sweet Potatoes (yellow flesh, preferred). 10 Pandan Leaves, wash and tie 3 leaves into a bundle and cut the 7 remaining ones into small pices, set aside. 75g Plain Flour, sifted. ½ teaspoon Salt (each for dough and coconut shavings). 400g Palm Sugar (they come in cylindrical block form). … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Porridge Recipe 红薯粥食谱

This is a nourishing meal by itself and it is very good on days where semi-fasting or light meals are desired especially after the recent weeks and weeks of rich food since Christmas, CNY (the 15-day celebrations are still ongoing) and Valentine’s, I must admit to have put on quite a few kilos. Recipe Ingredients: 1½ … Continue reading