Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan Recipe 台湾滷肉飯食谱

There are two offerings of Lu Rou Fan in Taiwan, diced pork belly (滷肉飯) and pork mince (肉脞飯). I love pork so I enjoy both styles. I also love to research recipes and see if anything could be done to level up my current formula. Et voilà, I did find something new for Taiwanese Lu … Continue reading

Din Tai Fung Restaurant 鼎泰豐 @ MBS

We don’t always get good shots or good food during/after a photography outing but having good company is usually a certainty! Photographers (hobbyist and professionals) can be quirky and hot tempered but you get to form your own group with choice peeps whenever there’s a walkabout session. In this instance, I had great company although … Continue reading

Try Me If You’ve Got Balls! 黑丸嫩仙草

Yeap, you saw it right but you didn’t hear it from me! In fact, “Try Me If You’ve Got Balls!” is the tagline of BlackBall International desserts originating from Taiwan and founded by Mr. Tang. It’s May Day or Labour Day, whatever you call it, it is a public holiday in Singapore and I’m out … Continue reading

Yong He Eating House – Taiwanese Small Eats 台灣小吃

Xiaochi (小吃) ia an important category of food in the Chinese street food cuisine and especially significant in Taiwanese street food (台灣小吃) scene. Xiaochi literally means small eats and these foods are typically not cooked in homes nor are they featured prominently on the menus of formal restaurants. The most famous place in Taiwan serving … Continue reading