Whopping Good Time At Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine 和平宴!

I was pretty excited about the media invite on 7th January 2016 to taste Chef Julian Tam’s Chinese New Year offerings. I have seen some promotions of Wo Peng on Groupon deals and they were always sold out. This was a great chance for me to get acquainted with some of Chef Tam’s signature dishes … Continue reading

Delicious Makan Trail In Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia! Part 3 (Kedai Makanan Minuman Ah Soon 阿顺猪杂汤)

Our next destination was supposedly a heavenly tasting snack but our roving eyes caught a crowded kopitiam selling fish head beehoon shop, Kedai Makanan Minuman Ah Soon 阿顺猪杂汤. Needless to say, the gluttony part of us detoured from the original route and we dashed swiftly to it. All of us agreed that this unexpected discovery … Continue reading

Say No To Gangnam Myun Oak’s Galbi Jjim (강남면옥 갈비찜)? Not In A Million Years!

Galbijjim 갈비찜 – galbi 갈비 (short ribs) and jjim (steamed dish). In Korean, gari 가리 is beef but generally, Galbijjim is accepted as beef short ribs. To order pork (dweji) short ribs, one has to indicate to the shopkeeper that it is dweji galbijjim 돼지갈비찜 that they want. And we wanted… Galbi jjim! My children … Continue reading