Eng’s Vs Eng’s Back To Back – Noodle or Mee?

As promised in my previous post, I ate at both shops yesterday. The first stop was Eng’s (Original) Wantan Noodle at 287, Tanjong Katong Road. We had parked behind the shop so we went in by the back door. Battle of Eng’s Noodle vs Eng’s Mee: Eng’s Wantan Noodle [Original] 榮雲吞麵 [正宗] (by Lao Huo Tang) … Continue reading

Eng’s Wantan Noodle But Which Now That There’s Two?

I’ve heard a lot about this supposedly famous Eng’s Wantan Noodle when I returned to Singapore in 2013 (after 10 years abroad) and its super fiery chili sauce. I have eaten it during their days in Dunman Food Centre in the 1980s but not when they moved into a shophouse at 287 Tanjong Katong Road. … Continue reading

Rochor Centre 梧槽坊

Rochor Centre (梧槽坊) is a building in Singapore built by the Housing and Development Board. It was built and completed in 1977. Rochor Centre is bound by Rochor and Ophir Roads and Queen Street in the south of Singapore, just outside of the Central Business District. There are total of 4 blocks (Blocks 1 through … Continue reading

Wanton Mee @ Guangdong Mian Shi

“Mom, do you want us to dabao wanton mee for you?” “From where?” “Tanglin Halt” If I were to live on wanton noodles for the rest of my life, it has got to be from Guangdong Mian Shi. Guangdong Mian Shi is a small hawker stall located inside the Tanglin Halt Market & Food Centre (also … Continue reading

The Big Bird Chicken Rice

I know there’s lots of tutorials that can be found online but I’m the sort of student that needs hands-on (monkey see monkey do) sessions. I have attention deficit and needs adult supervision, lol… I also forget faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and therefore need a patient coach who speaks my lingo! Washiyama’s been … Continue reading

Kim Kee (Coffee Shop) Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee 金记丹戎禺云吞面

We came by a few weeks ago and the stall was closed due to family matters (the sign put out). Benny said that he saw the stall opened last week (when he was here at Jalan Batu with his wife) so we made plans to come and eat. There was already a long queue when … Continue reading

Gerai Makanan Kokki

In the car, I felt more disquiet as my mind kept preying on my fear. Was I having a mild heart attack? Was this the onset of a stroke? I tried to recall the symptoms Mark told me about his experience, the days leading to his attack. Did I felt cold on the left side … Continue reading

Wanton Mee @ Restoran Chin Chin 晶晶面家茶室云吞面 – An Outing With Tony Johor Kaki Pt. 1

I was praying hard the night before that I would be well enough for today’s trip into Johor with Ian – The Silver Chef, Tyng – my accomplice in eating and now a fellow hobbyist photographer and Tony – Johor Kaki, the organizer, the driver and of course the most trusted guide to best food of Johor! … Continue reading

One Tonne Mee 云吞面

UPDATE (JAN 2014): SORRY BUT THIS WANTON MEE STALL IS NO LONGER OPERATING. It is now Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice – Thanks to Jeremy a reader who informed me in comments below. The last few meals I had were noodles. I regretted saying “oodles of noodles” in Bak Chor Mee post and now I have … Continue reading