Manseki 满席 (マン席)

マン席, pronounced as Manseki, means “sold out” or “all seats taken” in the Japanese language. And in effect with the yummilicious omakase meal I had recently, this semi-fine dining restaurant ought to be! I wanted to name this post “A Tale of 2 Friendships” because it was a union of 2 old buddies and I … Continue reading

Modak Modak 모닭모닭

Right after 이대 (Edae), we cab down to 홍대 (Hongdae) also known as Hongik University Street; the area provides street art festivals and performances, as well as music concerts by independent artists and mainstream entertainers. The Hongdae Area (홍대앞) is a region in Seoul, South Korea near the Hongik University, after which it is named. It is known for … Continue reading

Tori Q & Hokkaido Rice

Yakitori is like satay in our local context – skewered meat on sticks. It is a very popular dish in Japan sold as street food with many grabbing a couple of sticks from yakitori stalls on their way home from work. Yakitori is also a common cheap accompaniment (like pub food) to beer in Izakayas, a casual … Continue reading

24-hour Hock Prawn Mee 福鰕面 @ 43 Jalan Besar

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (Yong Kee Seafood Restaurant)… Whilst scratching my head, I remembered Danny (from Koka Wanton Noodle post) telling me about a kopitiam with 24-hour Prawn Mee (mee = noodle) stall as well as another stall selling tasty Cze Char. Danny mention this place while we were driving past Little India … Continue reading