Dairy Farm Nature Park Singapore – Macro

My first Macro Photography outing 21st March 2014.

Macro photography has always fascinated me. I like close-up shots and details. This is one genre that has proven to be very challenging to both newbies and professionals.

What is Macro Photography? A photograph is not a macro shot, unless it is a 1:1 magnification of the the subject, or better. Some pictures are considered to be “Macro” and some “Not Macro”. The guideline rule is simple enough – subject size < 5cm, although it is not hard and fast. There are bigger subjects but we concentrate on perhaps the eye of an animal, etc… etc… In other words, we are trying to reveal parts of our universe that are too small to appreciate by the unaided eye.

I hope to achieve more in time to come with new subjects to display… Perhaps, frogs and snakes but flowers would be lovely and not so intimidating.

For now, my first subjects are arachnid (spiders) and insects classified as arthropods. All animals in the phylum Arthropoda have exoskeletons, segmented bodies, and at least three pairs of legs.

I have never been so up close and personal with bugs before and this could just be the beginning.

I do not know the names of some insects shown and you may help me identify them (and correct me if I have gotten the names wrong) with comments below. Thank you.

Dairy Farm Nature Park is a 63 hectare nature park, rich with natural history, located at 100 Dairy Farm Road in Singapore. I know I will visit it often and add on to my current page. Do come by and check this page out for new updates every now and then.

You can view my Macros in Singapore on Flickr by clicking here.

Or view them in my Google+ Collection by clicking here.

Please enjoy! 😀

Macro In Singapore

Hairy Jumper – Jumping Spiders may be the easiest to recognise spiders with a very distinctive, flat-faced, big-eyed appearance that is difficult to confuse with other breed of spiders.

Macro Upper Pierce-9414-2

A very tiny spider found on the rocks.

Hindhede BTNR-2706-2

This Spider looks like a scorpion.

Macro Upper Pierce-9380-4

Jumper (Jumping Spider).

Jumping Spider ( Hyllus Sp )

Orange Jaw Jumper with its catch.

Macro In Singapore

A very rare Orange Long-Horned Beetle!The longhorn beetles are a cosmopolitan family of beetles, typically characterized by extremely long antennae, which are often as long as or longer than the beetle’s body.

Macro In Singapore

Handsome Fungus Beetle (probably a Eumorphus marginatus Fabricius, 1801) 真菌甲虫.

Macro In Singapore

Beetle mating.

Macro In Singapore

Praying Mantis.

Macro In Singapore

Praying Mantis.

Macro In Singapore

White Praying Mantis.

Macro In Singapore

Black Praying Mantis

Macro In Singapore


Macro In Singapore

Could be a Banded Forest Snail.

Hindhede BTNR-2720-2


Macro Upper Pierce-9379-2

Yellow Cricket.

Macro In Singapore

Scorpion under UV light.

Macro In Singapore

Common Caterpillar found easily in nature parks.

Hindhede BTNR-2892-2

Do you know the name of this caterpillar?
It is the larva of Eastern Comma Butterfly.

Macro - Brown Marmorated Stink Bug? 8899

Stink Bug.

Macro Stink Bug_9459

Orange Stink Bug

Macro Green Frog_9386

Green Frog in forest.

Macro In Singapore

Someone online helped me identify it as Laglaise’s Garden Spider (Eriovixia laglaisei).

Macro Spider

This Spider was found at night and its colour was the same as the brown leaves it hung on.
I was very surprised to see the pink-crocheted body when caught on camera.

Macro-Huntsman Spider-4437

Huntsman Spider.

Macro-Huntsman Spider-4457

Huntsman Spider.
Sparassidae is a family of spiders known as huntsman spiders because of their speed and mode of hunting. They also are called giant crab spiders because of their size and appearance.

Macro Robber Fly_6806

Robber Fly.
It was so tiny I didn’t even know it had a catch.

Macro In Singapore

Dares Ulula.

Macro In Singapore

Dares Ulula.
The most readily identifiable defense mechanism is their natural camouflage in the form of plant mimicry makes them extremely difficult to spot.

Macro-Dares Ulula

Dares Ulula.
This stick insect are members of the Phasmatodea, an order of insects. All phasmids possess compound eyes (multi lens), but ocelli (single lens) are only found in some winged males. Phasmids have an impressive visual system that allows them to perceive significant details even in dim conditions, which suits their typically nocturnal lifestyle.

Hindhede BTNR-2838-2

Some kind of Planthopper?

Hindhede BTNR-2683-2

Longhorn Beetle.

Hindhede BTNR-2691-2

Unidentified Bug.

Photos have been updated recently in May 2014.

If you like to see more of these macro photos, please follow my Bugs & Grub (Macro) Collection by clicking here or simply view my G+ profile by clicking here.

3 Responses to “Dairy Farm Nature Park Singapore – Macro”
  1. Teh says:

    Fantastic macro shots.

  2. Don Fuller says:

    Wow these are amazing shots. I’d love to chat with you about your techniques.

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