Flaming Waterfall @ Sam Place Bar & Restaurant

What can we give a dear friend who tends the bar for a birthday drink? Why… a Flaming Waterfall, of course!


Glasses of various sizes and shapes were carefully stacked.


Lim, from Sam Place, held the catalyst carefully in his hands.


With a steady hand and calm mind, Lim poured the glowing power from atop… it twirled around the glasses before cascading down to the pool of sweet liqueur meant for the birthday girl.


Please Do Not imitate this at home!


Lim has had years of experience to perform this skill. With flair and finesse, he sent the “flower” cascading down…


Isn’t this an impressive towering inferno?


Let’s do it! Go Irene go!


There she goes… sipping her pool of Kahlua, Brandy, Galliano and Sambuca.


Yay!!! You made it, girl 🙂
Look how she grimaces, lol…


I was wondering…

Why does a luminous flame appear yellow and a non-luminous flame appear blue?

The frequency or wavelength of light released by atoms or molecules depend on the energy being released by those substances. The Planck Equation describes exactly that, that there is a specific energy to a specific wavelength or frequency.

The difference between a yellow and blue flame depend on the amount of oxygen that is mixed in with the fuel. More oxygen means that the combustion reaction is more efficient and more energy is released. Remember that the more blue the visible light appears, the more energy that light will have.

Thus, it should make sense now that when more oxygen is fed into the system, the combustion is more efficient, more energy is released, and the light will be on the more energetic end of the spectrum, blue.

The above information is from http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/chem03/chem03848.htm

I wondered again if this holds true for the Flaming Waterfall Drink concocted here.

Happy birthday, Irene!
5th March 2013.

Sam Place Bar & Restaurant
Address: Goldhill Shopping Centre,
203 Thomson Road.
Singapore 307638.

Happy flaming 🙂

2 Responses to “Flaming Waterfall @ Sam Place Bar & Restaurant”
  1. Amazing. Had to show it immediately to Mrs P. Very cool.

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