Food On Foot In Johor Bahru With Tony Johor Kaki

Last Wednesday, David Wang joined Tony and I on a half day trip into Johor Bahru (JB).

While waiting for Tony to arrive at Woodlands MRT station where we would catch a bus ride into Malaysia, David introduced me to his electronic toy, GoPro – a high definition personal camera that could be mounted on almost any awkward surface, with good low light performance and encased in a waterproof box. He asked me to say hi and wave at his toy. I didn’t know then that it would become part of his “secret” recording of our day trip.

Shortly after, we made our way into JB by bus 950 and went Food On Foot In Johor Bahru With Tony Johor Kaki within the confines of Downtown.

We started our day with brunch of half boiled eggs, wholemeal toasts and nasi padang before visiting two bakeries that are still using wood fired ancient ovens to bake their goodies, a well known temple “Johor Old Temple 柔佛古廟” at Jalan Trus and learnt the history of *Chingay Procession in Johor from Tony before going back to the older part of Johor Town for more food tasting.

JB Breakfast Half Boiled Eggs-6530-2

Half boiled Kampong Eggs from Qin Garden Kopitiam.

JB Wholemeal Garlic Toast-6532-2

Garlic Butter on Wholemeal Toasts from Qin Garden Kopitiam.

JB Nasi Campur Nasi Padang-6519-2

Adam Soroso’s 14 odd Nasi Padang dishes from Qin Garden Kopitiam.
Ask for rice and pick your own ingredients, show it to the staff who then tallies up the bill and pay.

JB Ikan Goreng Fried Fish-6520-2

Ikan Goreng is Fried Fish.
One of the available items on the Nasi Padang menu.

JB Curry Beef Tendons-6523-2

Curry Beef Tendons.
A unique dish to me as I have not seen it prepared this way before.

JB Sambal Cockles-6518-2

Sambal Cockles.
Cockles are one of my favourite food but alas this stall did not score.
The cockles were overcooked.

JB Telor Dada-6521-2

I liked this as it was not greasy and the seasoning was balanced.

JB Nasi Campur-6527-2

Our Nasi Padang meal consisted of Beef Rendang, Omelet, Cockles and Acar.

JB Hiap Joo Bread & Biscuit Factory-6551-2

Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory 协裕面包西果厂

JB Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory-6536-2

90 year old shop that still uses wood fired oven to bake their breads and cakes.
The young man is the founder’s grandson and 3rd generation baker at this heritage shop.

JB Hiap Joo Bread & Biscuit Factory-6548-2

Goodies in the ancient giant wood fired oven.
I will come back for them later.

JB Hiap Joo Bread & Biscuit Factory-6549-2

Everything is labour intensive, right down to manual packaging.
Most of the popular baked goods are gone by early afternoon.

JB Hiap Joo Banana Cake-6627-2

All the Coconut Buns were gone by the time we got back to Hiap Joo Bakery but luckily there were some Banana Cake left.
Vanessa loved it but she said it would be perfect if they had walnuts variation.
Valerie upon tasting the cake that I brought back said it was soft and delicious.

JB Salahuddin Bakery Bread-6556-2

Salahuddin Bakery caters to the Muslim community.
Like Haip Joo, this shop also uses the traditional method to bake their goods.

JB Salahuddin Bakery Bread-6579-2

Goodies you can find in Salahuddin Bakery.

JB Baker-6573-2

This baker was very nice to allow us to photograph him in action although we were clearly in his way, he did not mind.
He even pauses every now and then waiting for me to adjust the settings on my camera.

JB Salahuddin Bakery Cookies-6571-2

Sugee biscuits.
Fresh from the oven!

JB Salahuddin Bakery Bread-6572-2

Old school sandwich bread with dome shaped tops.

JB Wanton Noodle Vendor-6593-2

Wanton Noodles Aunty in JB

JB Wanton Noodle-6586-2

Her affable style just cheer us up.

JB Wanton Noodle-6604-2

This was a large order.
Unfortunately, the noodle was not as good.

JB Wanton Noodle-6608-2

The noodle from this amicable aunty was not fantastic.
The noodle was a tad clumpy from the flour and bordered on soggy.

JB Wanton Noodle-6598-2

Luckily, David ordered a bowl of Wanton Soup to go along.
Although the wanton noodle on the whole was not ideal, we loved the well seasoned meat wrapped in the slippery smooth wanton skin and tasty soup base.

JB Mee Rebus-6611-2

Mee Rebus from Kin Wah Coffeeshop.
The gravy tasted sweet with some interesting texture provided by the crackers.
Not entirely my taste but still edible as I did finish my portion.

JB Curry Mee-6622-2

Curry Mee from Kin Wah coffeeshop.
The gravy was in between the rich coconut broth of our local laksa and JB’s not so creamy version.
There’s fish balls, fish cakes, tofu puffs and half a hard-boiled egg.

It is always interesting to go into JB with Tony. As we walked along the streets or when we sat down for an aromatic cup of kopi, he would tell me about the history of the places we had visited and the stories of the hawkers. I am always in awe and am full of admiration for his passion and mission to put every good JB hawkers in the world wide web. His blog is literally THE food directory for Johor Bahru! Despite his many blogging awards (also on national levels – best food blog in Malaysia and also in Singapore 2013), he remained humble. Well done, my friend 😀

Many thanks to David Wang for eating with us and making this video. Now my future grandchildren can see me in “action” with by then the legendary Tony, lol…

Hiap Joo Bakery & Biscuit Factory 协裕面包西果厂 (Halal)
Address: 13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee,
Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
Operating hours: Closed on Sundays
8am – 6pm (but goodies are usually sold out before 6pm)

Salahuddin Bakery (Halal)
Address: 26 Jalan Dhoby,
Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
Operating hours: 8am – 2pm

Qin Garden Kopitiam 沁园咖啡馆
Address: 12 Jalan Trus, Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
Operating hours: Closed on alternate Fridays.
7am – 6pm
Nasi Padang by Adam Soroso operates from 10.30am – 5pm

Restoran Kin Wah 锦华餐室
Address: 39-67, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee,
Bandar Johor Bahru,
80000 Johor Bahru,
Johor, Malaysia.
Operating hours: 7am – 6pm

If you are planning a day trip to JB and need a half day on foot itinerary, click here for Tony’s suggestions.

Read about how Johorians celebrate the *Chingay on Tony’s blog by clicking here.

Happy day tripping 🙂

6 Responses to “Food On Foot In Johor Bahru With Tony Johor Kaki”
  1. renxkyoko says:

    I wish we could go to Singapore for the food ! Yummy !

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    Wow, what a feast. Good to see you haven’t lost your appetite. But I was hoping to hear your voice in the video. Next time… 🙂

    • Sam Han says:

      Hi Draco! I’m seriously getting very fat these days. Can’t zip up my jeans no more 😦 The box is soundproofed so you couldn’t hear my “hi” but to satisfy your curiosity, i have a very low and manly voice, lol… 😉

    • Sam Han says:

      Thank you Kev. Tony and I were discussing going vegan during this trip. Until we are ready, you will be seeing a lot of meaty subject, lol… 🙂

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