Starry Nights Are Georges!

Like every child, I once wished upon a star. Okay, okay many times! 😉

Yes, I had wished for a knight in shining armour until I saw the movie The Shining, but star gazing has never left me. I am in awe of God’s greatness whenever I look up at the sky. The planets, stars, sun, moon and lightnings never fail intrigue me!

I like to dabble, experiment with stuffs. I have mentioned in “About Me” from my peers award posts that I suffer from attention deficit but there’s something good in it, I think. I get bored easily, yes, but I get to move on, too. Staying long enough to achieve something is a bonus but it doesn’t matters to me at my age because life as a rolling stone (which my mom says will gather no moss) is never static and I love it!

I have been actively pursuing most genre of photography before our little bundle of joy arrives, sometime in August. Guess you can say I’m into overdrive mode of second childhood before playing the role of a granny.

Last Saturday (18th April 2015), I attended a wide field photography workshop conducted by my pal Guek Peng Siong or GPS or short. Yea, the lame joke goes about him being a GPS (global positioning satellite) but by calling him GPS (photography friends), Peng Siong (colleagues), Benson (tertiary education years) or his Chinese name (school mates), he could identify the years of friendship he’d share with them. I knew Peng Siong (PS) when I participated in the One FC in a previous event. And when we couldn’t contact him, like Google’s voice navigation would alert, “GPS signal is lost”. Hahaha…


Peng Siong and I attending a meeting at the People’s Association Headquarters in January this year.

This 3rd workshop was sponsored by Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre and for $20 participation fee, the session included dinner, mineral water, sharing session on wide field photography and post processing by PS, and two-way transport to Marina Barage where we had practical session on Milky Way, which was unlikely as the timing (our session ended at 11pm and Milky Way would only rise at around 2am) was not right but yes even with light pollution, we are still be able to capture it in Singapore! Star trails was the next best thing and that’s what I took. But alas, I had the wrong settings, hahaha… I was shooting stars at ETTR (photography term for exposing to the right) and boy did my photos turned out overly bright. I spent a good 8 hour or so trying to salvage my images and came out with this sparsely adorned star trails. I would have had a full semi-circled trails but there were clouds as well as the lighted kites in some photos which became unusable.

Kg CC Wide Field

There were 24 participants, an excess of 4.
PS was afraid to take in more interested parties as he worried he may not be able to give everyone enough attention.

Kg CC Wide Field

Chicken rice dinner was provided but you know me!
I had duck porridge in addition to the chicken rice.


Desmond, Emanuel and Wacky.
We went for drinks at Georges Siglap after the workshop.

I met Wacky during a Supermoon camp out last year and Emanuel at a steel wool photography outing and on that very same night captured my first lightning shot. Desmond is one of my macro kakis who is also very well versed in many photography genre. It is always fun to interact with people sharing the same passion. Tips are shared freely face to face; there’s no escaping with a silence like on Facebook threads, hahaha… But hey, meeting and eating bonds, you can’t deny that.


When Emanuel asked if we would like to munch on something…
But of course!

Georges Pasir Ris

Earlier in April, Emanuel and I went for Lunar Eclipse shot in Pasir Ris.
Georges has an outlet there and we went for their chicken wings and mini burgers.


Emanuel showed me how to photograph Lightning in December 2014.

Lunar Eclipse April 2015

Emanuel showing me how to photograph blood moon (lunar eclipse) in April 2015.

Lunar Eclipse April 2015

After shooting the lunar eclipse in Pasir Ris Park, Emanuel and I went to Georges At The Cove in Pasir Park which was just a stone’s throw away.
We had chicken wings and mini sliders.
After a few shots of Macallan, my edit of the moon photo was outrageously similar to whiskey colour, hahaha…

Lunar Eclipse April 2015

This should be closer to the blood moon shot 😉

Lunar Eclipse April 2015

When I told Vanessa that I do not have a nice background photo for my blood moon, she offered me this beautiful scene from Shanghai which she took in March on her China trip.
Thank you darling!

Star Trail Marina Barage

Here’s my salvaged photo of star trails in Singapore.

Kampong Chai Chee Community Centre
Address: 200 Bedok North Avenue 1,
Singapore 469752.

Tel:6241 9878

Georgeous At The Cove.

Georges At The Cove.

Address: 693 East Coast Road (Siglap), Frankel Estate.
Singapore 459058.
Tel:6441 9122

Georges At The Cove (Pasir Ris Park)
Address: 133 Pasir Ris Road.
Tel: 6445 4533

Other Georges: Georges MADBar & Grill ; Georges By The Bay ; Georges Beach Club.

The atmosphere at both Georges I been to were slightly different. The one at Pasir Ris Park seemed more relax and family oriented. The staff told me their cze char is nice. I have yet to try.

Georges at Siglap was more electrifying, hahaha… Both have competent staff service. The finger food was to my liking but the burgers were a little dry. The chilli sauce that came with the wings was fiery hot. I like the moist and succulent battered fish. We had Macallan. If you like soda with your drinks, Singha premium soda is highly recommended for its fizzle!

Will I visit again? Why not??? It seems like I go to Georges whenever wide field photography calls. Starry nights are Georges!

Happy learning, eating and bonding 😀

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6 Responses to “Starry Nights Are Georges!”
  1. Great post, we won’t get into my lecture on boredom,
    ADD can be an asset if you just keep on keeping on.
    Went to a photo meeting once,
    they all laughed at my cheap little camera,
    I went home and took a hundred pictures of flowers,
    most of which I like and I have had a few compliments,
    probably from amateurs.
    Start practicing on baby pics, can’t wait to see them on FB.
    Love, hugs and keep on shooting… ME and the Boss

    • Sam Han says:

      Babies are human portraits which I suck at it, lol… But yes definitely I will try to take some shots when the stork delivers, hahaha… I’m pretty excited now as the months draw nearer. Thank you Michael. You’ve always been encouraging and sweet 😀

  2. Lignum Draco says:

    Great shots, particularly the lightning one.

  3. Wow, incredible photos!!!
    I really like this post!

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