Whopping Good Time At Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine 和平宴!

I was pretty excited about the media invite on 7th January 2016 to taste Chef Julian Tam’s Chinese New Year offerings. I have seen some promotions of Wo Peng on Groupon deals and they were always sold out. This was a great chance for me to get acquainted with some of Chef Tam’s signature dishes … Continue reading

Chao Yue Xuan Seafood Restaurant 潮悦轩

When I was at Adrian’s housewarming party in January, I promised Mrs. Oh that we would have dinner one day. I saw Groupon’s offering sometime in February 2014, although not knowing if Chao Yue Xuan would make the mark, I bought the deal for 4 persons. I kept my fingers crossed that the food would be … Continue reading

Tickle Your Taste Buds @ Indian Curry House

We’ve passed by Indian Curry House located on Sixth Avenue many times and have always wanted to try the restaurant food. Maybe, it’s the hour we happened to travel (late nights), the place seemed lacking of customers. Perhaps, that was the subconscious reason we never got down to making a purposeful trip to eat there. … Continue reading

Have No Fear – Foodpanda Is Here!

As I was saying, I was going to reward my children with real food. I know they loved North Indian Cuisine. I know they missed Melbourne’s Red Pepper Restaurant and I am going to score some points with them this night! 😉 So I let my fingers to the walking and did some “tapau-ing” (take-outs) … Continue reading

Hungry But Lazy? Let Your Fingers Do The Walking!

The year end festive season does leave one drained but it’s not over yet, not for the Chinese anyway. I can already hear the galloping hooves of the Wood Horse! The Lunar New Year is fast approaching! Prior to the steed’s arrival, it is customary for us to tidy up our house. This involves major … Continue reading

Mad About MAD! – Modern Asian Diner

Yap was getting pretty excited as the week drew nearer to Adrian’s birthday (who was away in Thailand for his holidays). He WhatsApp me to seek my opinion about a restaurant he saw on Groupon site. I was agreeable and why not? Having bubbly in the afternoon is an indulgence Adrian would love. The usher … Continue reading