Happy Birthday Vanessa!

Dear Vanessa, You are a special child!  Someone who changes my life just by being a part of mine. Click on pics for full view and some commentary: Click on pics for full view and some commentary: Click on pics for full view and some commentary: I Am So Glad I Got You. Happy birthday … Continue reading

Strudel The Look-Alikes

Let’s take a break from Chinese seafood. I wonder if your eyes were overloaded with them as much as my tummy was. I had several same type of seafood cuisine before going to Macau so let’s fast forward to something else I ate after the trip. I will post those dinners at a later date … Continue reading

The Artsy Affair

I was supposed to go for the National Day Flypast and Fireworks with Paul, today being the last rehearsal, but plans got changed when Dad and Bro came to Van’s first exhibition. This is the beginning of her career. She has a long way to go and I will be there for her. Happy celebrating … Continue reading

I Am Made For SAM

The Apprenticeship Programme 2013 70 Apprentices 23 Mentors Text credit on the apprentices’ work: The Apprenticeship Programme 2013 (booklet). Happy parenting, mentoring and nurturing 🙂 P.S. I did not forget, what we ate after the exhibition is on my next post 😉

Film Makers At The Movies

I was checking my drafts in wordpress last night and came across this long overdue article – Vanessa had graduated. This was the day my brother Nic and I went to the public screening of her final year assignment, Anywhere But Here – a documentary on public housing in Victoria, Australia. Please click here to … Continue reading