Off To The Races – Dead Heat Day!

Continuing from yesterday’s post Off To The Races – Don’t Get Caught Up! After the salad medley, my lunch began with Pan Mien 板麺 (pronounced as ban mian) which is a Hakka-style noodle with anchovy and soybean stock, originating from Malaysia. Its Chinese name literally translates to “flat board noodle”. Trakus is a real time … Continue reading

Mei Hua Ah Bee Bak Kut Teh 华美亞B肉骨茶

BKT, short for Bah Kut Teh, was introduced to Malaya (Malaysia and Singapore) in the 19th century by Chinese coolies and workers of Hokkien origin. The name literally translates to “meat bone tea”. Traditionally eaten with rice, the soup consists of meaty pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices like star … Continue reading

Ah Chuan Fish Soup 阿全鱼汤

Ah Chuan Fish Soup is run by Ah Chuan and Xiao He (younger brother). Ah Chuan does all the cooking while Xiao He serves the orders. Both are very dedicated to their business. I was witnessing Ah Chuan’s cooking and could tell by the seriousness in his look that he takes pride in his “job”. … Continue reading

Tan Kee Cathay Laksa 陈记国泰辣沙

Since it was a food trail with Tony, I would not be limited to one meal, right? But we were trapped by the rain and we were on foot. The heavy downpour in fact turned out for the better. Tony has blogged on all the stalls in Restoran Shang Ji, including the Braised Duck stall … Continue reading

Tin & Tin (Cathay) Beef Noodles

Tony was abroad for some time. His busy schedule also limited my communication with him eversince I last saw him at the Baroque Grill gathering. To me, Tony is like Johor’s hawkers’ warrior – he champions for them. He has interviewed and blogged on so many JB hawkers, some are not new. Rather, he is responsible enough to … Continue reading

My Grandma’s Place 外婆家

Quick update: I have not met Chi Sao and Mike Tang in a while. Mike’s wife had delivered their firstborn, a son, about two months ago. How times flies! Chris said he has not done food photography and joined us on this ocassion. I had wanted Peranakan cuisine but Chi Sao complained that the restaurant … Continue reading

Tai Shan Shui Lao Rong 台山水老荣

Like I said, JJ and I sneaked out of the hotel without our friends’ knowledge.  The chauffer was eating with them at Estabelecimento De Comidas King’s so we headed for the lobby. There was a man at the hotel’s cab stand and it seemed like he had waited a long time. I was one queue behind … Continue reading

Estabelecimento De Comidas King 帝皇樓 (Macau)

The typhoon signal was hoisted and predicted to hit 8-9 when we arrived on Tuesday 13th August 2013. The chauffer warned us that ferry services may stop operation should we want to go to Hong Kong the next day. JJ and I told him we had no such intentions. That said, even in Macau, our … Continue reading

Steamed Rice Cakes 蒸米糕

This is one of my favourite childhood kueh kueh simply because my late grandmother used to serve us these with red palm sugar and steamed grated coconut. I love eating them then when the only colour was either pink or white, they were so soft and fluffy in texture. I would literally press them hard … Continue reading

Dumplings Ever After

The day before was the actual day (12th June 2013) of Dragon Festival or what we locals called Dumpling Festival. As you know by now, Singapore is multi-cultural so when it comes to food, there will be influences from the many dialect groups from the ethnic Chinese. I’ve also seen some Malay version of the … Continue reading