Dong Po Colonial Cafe 東坡茶室

Retro seemed to be “in” theme especially for cafes in Singapore during the last few years. They could have been around all along but up till now, their presence have never been felt so strongly. Dong Po Colonial cafe is one the places to go for a nostalgic experience of Singapore in the ’50s and … Continue reading

Jubilee Coffee House & Bar

“And suddenly it’s hard to find the memories you left behind. Remember, do you remember? The laughter and the tears, the shadows of misty yesteryears. The good times and the bad you’ve seen and all the others in between. Remember, do you remember the times of your life?” – Paul Anka Benny and I were … Continue reading

The Coastal Settlement

The first time I got to hear about The Coastal Settlement (TCS) was my very first photography outing in April 6th 2013 (Saturday), “When 19’s Not A Crowd!” This place, therefore, had some sentimental value for me in my hobbyist photography journey. I was one of the appointed hosts. Yup, Semi is moi 😀 but … Continue reading

Polish Dumplings @ The Provision Shop At Everton Park

As far as I am concern, a provision shop is an old school pa-ma kind of small scale family-run grocery shop in our heartlanders’ neighbourhood. There was a time my mom would send me to pick up canned foods and sundries on cashless transactions and our debts were recorded in a little “555” booklet which … Continue reading

Rokeby – Australian Inspired Cafe & Night Bistro Bar

Rokeby, serving artisan coffee and Australian fare (nestled in Jalan Riang a rather off track venue), would never have come to my attention had I not stumbled upon it online. The reviews were mixed but I miss Australia… especially Melbourne, where the coffee culture (mostly Italian, btw) is great! – Sam Han (June 7, 2013). … Continue reading

Not Just An Old Tram Stop

MART 130 Take Tram 96 on the opposite side of GPO on Bourke Street towards St. Kilda’s Beach. Tram 96 – Destination Tram Stop 130. Even though it was my 3rd trip there, I’d stupidly got off at stop 128. Instead of waiting for the next tram, I decided to walk and came across this … Continue reading